GlitchLoops 2

GlitchLoops Vol 2 for GlitchBreaks picks up were the first pack left off. In order to make sure this pack will satiate your urge to glitch 80 high quality loops are included, from standard beats to already twisted electronic mayhem! Continue the dark journey down the rabbit hole and unleash terrifying new creations.

All loops are provided in 16-bit as well as high quality 24-bit files, for use in any desktop DAW and numerous other iOS apps, but are officially supported by Alex Matheu of GlitchBreaks.


  • 80 16-bit/44.1 khz Wav files
  • 80 24-bit/48 khz Wav files
  • All files tagged with BPM (tempo) and initials.
  • Installation Instructions for GlitchBreaks included.
  • Officially supported by Alex Matheu (the genius behind GlitchBreaks)

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