Geometry - KickDrums

This pack of 64 Kick Drum samples was constructed over a multi-month period, with attention to detail at each step in the process. Every sample was constructed from the ground up with a wide selection of hardware and software. Some of the items used to design these sounds include the acclaimed all analog DSI Tetra and Arp Odyssey synthesizers, as well as multiple dedicated Reaktor and PureData drum synthesizers, including proprietary ensembles and instruments designed in-house. A wide degree of synthesis techniques was utilized including Subtractive, true FM and Phase Modulation, Physical Modeling, Granular and more. These original samples were then processed with outboard compression, EQ, and true tape, tube, and solid state distortion when necessary or complimentary.

Each sample was rendered or captured at 24bit/48 Khz and is delivered in both 16bit/44.1 Khz and 24bit/48 Khz for the highest quality experience and flexibility in any environment. 

Thanks to these specialized production processes these unique samples should stick out in any mix and find favor in any contemporary electronically produced music.

Perfect for use with Beatmaker 2, NanoStudio, DM1, etc


  • 100% Original and Royalty Free
  • 128 single-shot samples (64 .wav files at 16bit/44.1 Khz, 64 .wav files at 24bit/48 Khz)
  • Compatible with all major music software including numerous iOS apps.
  • Over 23 Megabytes of content

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*All other instrumentation used in demo not included*

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