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ge-om-e-try /jēˈämitrē/
Noun:  1. Sonic research which investigates the properties, relations, and measurement of solids, surfaces, lines, and angles. The word Geometry is derived from the Greek words "gaia" (geo) and "metria" (meter) and means "earth measures".
Organic alien textures and timbres, solid-hybrid beats, soulful keys, naturally plastic drums, complex rhythms, and future inducing morphed samples for any modern music, from dubstep and avantgarde hiphop to post-rock and modern jazz.

Sunsine Audio is pleased to announce Geometry - our premiere royalty free sample series. The first set in the series contains over 70 loops, all delivered at 87bpm for maximum flexibility. All loops were recorded at 24bit 48 khz for sharp definition and clarity, and all run 8 bars in length. Put end to end that is over 26 minutes of music (and less than ten cents a loop)! Look no further for an affordable modern loop series. Take a lesson in Geometry now.

    •    100% Original and Royalty Free
    •    24 Bit, 48khz, Wav Files
    •    Compatible with all major music software including iOS apps.
    •    71 Loops
    •    87bpm
    •    Over 400 Megabytes of content.

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