Animation Vol 2 - Emulation

Sunsine Audio is proud to announce our newest preset pack for Animoog, 124 presets designed to emulate the classic sounds of yesteryear. You heard us, we've almost completely ignored the fundamental tool in Animoog; the Anisotropic engine. While it provides for amazing complexity and beautiful, wild sounds, it also tends to lend a certain flavor to everything. That flavor is decidedly un-moog-ish most of the time. What happens when you ignore it? We ended up with some the most squelchy, thick analog sounding tones to come out of an iPhone or iPad ever. In fact, you'll swear you have a Model 55 in front of you! We can safely say this having spent considerable time in front of a real Model 55 ourselves. If you're seeking classic Moog tones, search no further. Grab this follow up to our bestselling pack ever, fool your friends, neighbors and audience for less than the price of a set of patch cables!

  • *Requires Animoog synthesizer for IPad or IPhone*
  • 124 .preset files
  • Tagged with prefix initials for easy recognition.
  • Includes easy installation instructions.

Download Free Preview Pack

*Drums in demo not included* 

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Animoog - Moog Music Inc.


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Price $4.99

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